Forest Homes-Cottage Hills Sewer Fund

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  •  Sewer Application or Direct Debit Application fill out and drop off or mail completed application to our office 49 S 9th St East Alton, IL 62024

  • or copy and paste application /adobe and email to the sewer office at   Thank you!


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Welcome to the neighborhood -Sewer Information!

This residence is located within Wood River Township and the sewer is supplied by the Forest Homes-Cottage Hills Sewer System and is a separate bill from your water and trash bills.  Our office has supplied you with an application to set up your sewer bill under your name and we ask that you please fill it out completely on both sides and supply us with a copy of your Driver’s License or state issued Identification card.  You may either mail or drop off the application at our office, address listed above. There is not a fee to set up the billing for sewer. The monthly fee for residential sewer is $18.00 and is billed monthly.

See the WRT Facebook page or search for Wood River Township for our website or go to:

On our website you will find our online Sewer Bill Payment or type in the link below into any URL for payment

Use this QR Code to set up Recurring Payments with a Debit/credit card.



The bills are back billed for the month that was used,  ie: the bill sent out at the end of July and due the 15th of August is for the sewer usage of July.  The due date is the 15th of the month or nearest business day after.

After the bill due date a late fee of $1.80 is added to the bill.

Commercial bill rate is based on usage @$3.78 per 1,000 gallons used.

Payments can be made with Cash, Check or Charge/Debit using Discover, MasterCard or Visa; and can be paid in person at our office on business days from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM, most days someone is in the office at lunch you may want to call before coming at lunch to see if the office is open.  No fee using debit or charge cards to make a payment.

PLEASE NOTE:  You are responsible for your bill regardless of if you receive a Hard Copy of a bill by mail or not.

Unfortunately the Bills can easily get lost in the mail.


Payment can also be sent in the mail with a check or dropped off after hours in our secure drop slot in our office door.

Payments can be processed over the phone by debit or charge, and now online- no fee for this service.

Direct debit payments withdrawn from a banking account can be set up, come by our office and get an application, a canceled check is needed for this application. These are withdrawn on the bill due date. No Fee added for this service.

Recurring payment can also be set up through Transaction Express and this can be set up over the phone with your debit card information.  These payments are withdrawn on the 15th, or nearest date to that bill due date. No fee for this service.*

Return checks for Insufficient Funds are charge $20.00 fee. There are currently no NFS fees for declined Recurring or Direct Debit.

Late notices are sent out on the day after the due date each month and will reflect a late fee addition of $1.80.

Bills not paid by the 20th of the month that are 3 months delinquent are sent a “2nd Notice” letter whereby the account holder has 10 days to come before a hearing officer designated by the township and either pay in full or state why the bill should be considered for a consistent monthly payment plan.   The hearing officer will determine if the account is eligible for a payment plan.

No response to the “2nd Notice” automatically places the account onto the Water Disconnect list with your water provider and incurs the disconnect fee of $65.00 added to the balance for Bethalto Water departments customers & $105.00 for American Water Customers. Water will not be restored until the entire amount of the original bill + the disconnect fee is PAID IN FULL.

Please keep our office up to date if there are any changes to the account information, like a new phone number, name change/tenant change or to set up payment arrangements any time.

Other Numbers you may need:

Clerk’s Office: 618-259-7260

Highway Commissioner: 618-259-2490

Assessor’s Office: 618-259-1532

Madison County Police: 618-692-6200

East Alton Police: 618-259-6212

Bethalto Police: 618-377-5266


Sewer Office within the Wood River Township Supervisor’s Office

  • 49 s 9th St
  • East Alton, IL 62024
  • 618-259-2366
  • Sewer Billing Management